16 January 2015

Life, She NAILED IT alright!!!!!!

It is with tremendous pride and pleasure I share with you this fabulous video of award winning nail artist and author of the amazing bookPolished, Filing Away at Life’s Truths, Tina Panariello.

Tina was recently interviewed about her extraordinary life and uplifting, inspirational book by the wonderful Angela Marie Franco and I am just thrilled to share it with you all. She has accomplished so much in fact she is being honoured as one of the Top Women in Business and Networking Award Winners in Brooklyn for 2015. Tina's story is one of determination and drive that shows that the willingness to go for your dreams propels you to heights you never thought you'd reach! I am so very proud of my friend and her wonderful story!! I hope it inspires you as much as it does me.

You can buy a copy of Tina's book Polished, Filing Away at Life's Truth's here on her website and visit her on all her social pages below.

12 January 2015

Waxing tips needed

Hello dear readers,
We have been receiving requests for a waxing “how to” post here at The World and we are looking for anyone who has the knowledge and ability to write a waxing post for The World of Nails. I would like it if you could make a You Tube video along with written instruction but I will take whatever I can get to be honest. If at all possible if you could go into more than one area of interest, i.e., arms, legs, upper lip and eyebrows etc….it would be greatly appreciated. I do wax my own eyebrows but have never been trained on the how to’s of any proper methodology. So I wouldn’t feel right about giving instruction on something I have no training in whatsoever, just in case anything I do isn’t proper. I just watched when it was being done at the salon, paid attention and figured I could it myself, which I did and began doing it myself. I would appreciate it very much as I would rather this come organically versus pillaging You Tube myself looking for a video on all over waxing.
If you have the knowhow and are willing to give it a go, please email us here at theworldofnailz@gmail.com and we would be thrilled to post this highly in demand post on our site.

03 October 2014

Ever wonder how to get that perfect salon finish cure on your gel nails at home?? Well our friends at YouVeeShield have the answer for you! Check out their guide to the perfect cure here at http://theworldofnails.com/guideline-perfect-cure/

22 July 2014

This year, The World of Nails, is going to open the floor to guest bloggers. Yes that’s right, GUEST BLOGGERS!! We are looking forANY nail professional or DIY with nail tips, tricks, nail related experiences of any sort, and anyone who wishes to do some general beauty blogging is also very welcome.