28 March 2013

Beauty through the ages

Ever since man pulled himself/herself out of the muck and began walking upright, humans have been adorning themselves to beautify their appearance. Whether it be from a necklace made of bones or twigs, from henna to hair and nail colour, let’s face it we as humans are slaves to our vanity. Check out Beauty through the ages

25 March 2013

Top 10 Artificial Nail Myths

Check out this amazing post from Katherine!! Top 10 Artificial Nail Myths This one is very important to read if you have or are thinking of having artificial nails!!

22 March 2013

The trick is in the contouring!!

Learning these tricks will help you make certain features pop and stand out. Using these simple techniques, you’ll be able to emphasize your angles using bronzer, blush, and highlighter. It is also very important to identify your face shape so you do the proper contouring for your face! 
The trick is in the contouring!!

16 March 2013

Do-it-Yourself Manicure

 This is an outstanding how to do your own manicure . Katherine goes into the how to’s from start to finish with very detailed descriptions for each step of the process. If you have never gotten or given your self a manicure this is a fantastic post on the tools needed and how to use them. Here’s an excerpt from her post and definitely give this a read!! For more: Do-it-Yourself Manicure

12 March 2013

Gorgeous new nail pics to feast on!!

I love looking for new pictures to bring you each week!! I see some of the most amazing art and nails, so here is this weeks beauties :) Gorgeous new nail pics to feast on!!

08 March 2013

Let's talk files

Let's talk files A crucial part of proper nail filing technique begins with selecting the correct tool for the job. With so many nail instruments on the market today, its no wonder that many people choose the wrong type of file. 

06 March 2013

03 March 2013

Stop nail biting!!

Stop nail biting!!
This is a rather in depth and exceedingly deep article on possible causes for perpetual nail biting and how to avoid or stop it.

02 March 2013

Great video on the bare bones needed to do your own acrylic nails

Great video on the bare bones needed to do your own acrylic nails

We will try and post the more amazing instructional video’s, with even more advice and helpful hints from our esteemed professionals. At the World of Nails, we offer many different types of  nail in all shapes and sizes, while providing accurate information for professionals and advice for DIY’s or if you are looking to get involved in one of the fasted growing trends around, we can hopefully help point you in the right direction.