30 April 2014

Tip Top nail polish visits the jungle

Here is my new long awaited nail art design with three of the fabulous colours that Tip Top Nail Polish sent to me along with their top coat and Dadi’ Oil to finish off the look. This sexy  visit to the jungle look is based with a beautiful almost chrome-like sliver and tipped with the dark and light blue gradient with black tiger stripes added to finish off this very sophisticated yet striking look.  

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24 April 2014

Looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift?

Looking for that perfect mother's day gift?? I have it, check out CND's fabulous Vinylux polish, she will LOVE IT!!!


20 April 2014

Men rocking the nail polish

Men have been wearing polish on their nails longer than women have, as it was once worn as a part of their battle dress, so the fact that men now have their own lines and are making such a statement is just brilliant. I LOVE IT!! 

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