17 October 2012

Choosing the right monomer for your acrylic nails


15 October 2012

New pics in the Misc gallery and a new look

Just posted several new pictures on the Miscellaneous gallery page including one of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Carmen Electra rockin the stiletto’s as well as a brand new theme look…Check it out now!

01 October 2012

New TIGER nails coming soon...

Made my appointment today to get my TIGER inspired nail paint job at my favourite nail salon, ALL SEASONS HAIR AND NAILS. Saturday Oct 6th at 11am, so stay tuned pics will be posted later that day! Finally found an orange colour I like so we shall see if we can incorporate that colour idea I already have in my head!! Here's a picture that I am going to draw from to help create my OWN design but WOW what a great job with the makeup and the nails....STUNNING and BRILLIANT!!

New Gallery pics added

Perusing the web, we have come across some fabulous pictures of some unique, gorgeous nails for you to admire and please let us know if you like them. If you or anyone you know have some beautiful nail pics, please feel free to send them to us at theworldofnailz@gmail.com we would love show them off!
Click here to go to the Misc. Gallery page and enjoy those beautiful nails!!

Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Beyonce rockin the LONG NAILS!!

Click the link below to check it out!!