10 June 2014

I am SO very excited. The new nail art brushes I ordered came in the mail today and I cannot wait to use them. The photo below is the set I ordered and I will tell you what, this is just like me with makeup brushes, I’ve no idea what any of them are for. So, I will put the question to all my nail artist friends who know what they are doing. So ladies please let me know just what these do and how to use them. I am so excited to use them but yet again I am clueless, so please help me.

To read the whole article, please follow the link http://theworldofnails.com/nail-art-brushes/

09 June 2014

The polish I used to create this amazing nail design is Pure Ice’s “Oui Oui” for the base layer. The blobs of colour are Salon Perfect’s “Summer Escape” (yellow) and “Traffic Cone” (orange). The dots and streaks are black, silver and neon purple striping paint and the top coat is “Out the Door.”

Check out http://theworldofnails.com/tygerrs-hot-new-summer-design/ to check out all the hot designs!!!!!

06 June 2014

Say hi to Kirsten Steward

Hello my lovelies, please stop by my new friend Kirsten Steward’s Beauty Therapy Facebook page and show her some LOVE!! Like the page, share the page and above all check out all the amazing info on her page!!!

Followlink: Kirsten Steward Beauty Therapy

03 June 2014

June Nail Beauties

Sometimes I come across rare gems that just delight me to death for they portray just such a look of uniqueness. I am just in love with so many of these looks and some of them I might use myself as they would be fierce on stage and Tygerrs Lair is coming back very soon!

01 June 2014

CND Paradise Collection Polish Review

It is with great pleasure I present my newest nail art design. I used the awesome Sultry Sunset and Tango Passion for the base of this two toned design. The nail art we added was just some streaks of white, silver and a touch of Cerulean Sea polish to top off the look.

Click link http://theworldofnails.com/cnd-paradise-collection-polish-review/ to see all the pictures.