28 February 2014

CND New 2014 Spring Collecton

I am so very excited to unveil to everyone the new CND 2014 Spring Collection.  Albany Luensmann and the wonderful people over at CND sent me some samples to test drive and review so you can image how excited I am to get these.

It is always great to come across a product that lives up to every bit of its claim. Nail polish is as you all know one of the many wonderful tools you can use to make your own statement and with these beautifully, rich colours on your nails, they will for sure compliment your fun, spring wardrobe.

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21 February 2014

If you are in the NY area, go see my friend Tina Panariello who is the FIRST guest speaker in a series of engagements featuring Women Entrepreneurs. She will speaking about her book as well as talking about her extraordinary life!! She is paving the way for future nail artists and is an inspiration to everyone she meets!

Visit Tina at www.tinapanariello.com
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12 February 2014

Tina’s Valentine’s Day Nail Surprise

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and what would a holiday be without nails from our award winning artist and friend, Tina Panareillo. Designs a plenty over in New York.

For more of Tina's art, click link. http://theworldofnails.com/

10 February 2014

Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

I have been scouring the net for Valentine’s ay Nail Polish ideas and found some fabulous designs to share with you in case you are suffering from creators block or just have no idea what to do. for this coming holiday. ENJOY!!!!

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Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Nails Tribute

It has only been one week since the Superbowl but Seahawk fans are still partying and celebrating their first ever world title. These nails are done in tribute to hometown Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks!! We did them in a starbursts design in Hawk colours. I would like to congratulate the team on their impressive 43-8 shellacking of the Denver Broncos Feb. 2, 2014. I am paying special tribute to the 12th Man who collectively showed the sports world just who they are!! The 12th man carries with them the title of Loudest Fans at a Sporting Event in the World!!

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