13 March 2014

Pastels and Metallics are in!

Spring is almost here and 2014′s new spring collections have us waving good bye to the beaded, caviar and creamy nail styles of 2013 and gives a grand hello to metallic and pastel polishes which are back in….again!
After carefully perusing many blogs to see just what the fashion world is telling us what it is we will like this year and this year pastels are making a grand comeback. I was recently sent the CND Vinylux Open Road Spring Collection for review and many of the colours in this line (pictured below) along with the new spring lines from Sinful Colors, Butter, Essie, OPI, Orly and Nicole to name a few have some fabulous pastel shades in their respective collections that can easily be mixed and matched if you need to ramp it up to suit your personal style just a bit.

CND Shellac Spring 2014
Metallics are also coming back which is fabulous for me, as I adore every gold polish known to man and even some silvers. There are so many different nail polish brands out there, at so many different price points that one can find every colour under and over the rainbow these days to fit just about any budget and style. It wasn’t long ago when nail art was still very under ground, not quite grabbing the spotlight but with the recent popularity of celebrities donning nail art like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry all the way to Johnny Depp, who supports black nail polish often, these along with many other stars have lit the way for the rest of us to use our imaginations and get wild and bold with our own personal nail art.
I, myself have a rather loud and bawdy style that never seems to quite fit in the norm. I have 3 inch nails that are a part of my trademark, and yes they are real and attached, so each and every day I must always account for them when I am dressing for the world no matter the occasion. The one lovely thing about pastels or metallics for me is that they go with everything. Most of the clothes I own have black in them or are more black than not so that picking colours for my bi-weekly mani is always fairly easy unless I am doing nail art for The World of Nails or for product reviews. Then it can get tricky as I try and fashion my mani with either a surrounding event like the SuperBowl, upcoming holiday or that brand new outfit that just needs to be accessorized.
2014 sees some fabulous pastel and metallic colours for this spring and once again gives a wide berth to take the colours the fashion police tell us are the “IN” thing and mix it up to suit our own styles. Once again ladies and gents, always keep it real and wear that nail polish with pride!!

Until the next time my lovelies….Be fierce and stay sickening!!!