08 January 2014

New Years Nails

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL…..This is the first look everyone gets at my elegant New Year’s nail design and sadly it will be my last post for a while. On January 9th, I will be going for neck surgery and though I am quite worried, I am also relieved as this problem with my neck that has been going on for almost 5 years will be over. However, it will also sideline me for a while and I am not sure when I will feel like doing my nails again much less snapping pictures of them. I will however as part of my new years resolution, make more of an attempt to make everything a photo op this year and post even more photos of my nails. I am also sending out the word that we are looking for guest bloggers that want to find a permanent home here at The World Of Nails, so if you know of anyone who is looking to guest blog,  send em my way:)I will also be looking to guest blog this year to help expand our presence on the net so if you need a guest blogger, email me at theworldofnailz@gmail.com So without further adieu….here they are!

     HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!